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  • How do I reach the right potential buyers?


    Today, people are moving farther and more frequently than they used to; it's not unusual for upwardly mobile executives to relocate across the country more than once in a year. The result is that the pool of potential buyers for your house is much larger and spreads far wider than ever before, and the competition to reach them is fierce.

    These developments make it more important than ever to choose a real estate professional with sophisticated and savvy marketing techniques. The yard sign is just the beginning, but with a knowledgeable sales professional, your selling process can promptly reach a happy ending.      


  • What's an MLS and why do I need one?

    A Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is another resource to help ensure you reach a large number of prospective buyers and dramatically increase the exposure of a property.

    Quite simply, it's a system under which participating brokers agree to share commission on the sale of houses listed by any one of them. So, for example, if you list your house with one broker and another broker actually sells it, they share the commission. The advantage to you is clear; more people have an interest in selling your house.

    Over the years, the MLS concept has grown from a strictly local sales tool into a powerful national marketing system.      


    Remove any attached decorative items — e.g., chandeliers, stained glass, etc. — that you don't intend to sell with the house.